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Klaus Car Parking Systems Inc. offers variety of smart and efficient space saving car parking systems to suit your needs. In traffic congested cities, it's important to make optimal use of given space.
From simple yet efficient Stack Parkers to fully automated Automatic Parking Systems, Klaus Car Parking Systems Inc., will provide you with expert analysis and recommend the best product for your needs and ensure professional installation of the products.
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regina parking issues can be alleviated with car parking systems
Regina is a growing city with many different attractions and diverse economical industries, but this growth comes with its share of negative side effects. A decrease in the amount of available parking is one of the first side effects to become evident. Contact Klaus Multiparking at 416-925-2614 to see how their cutting edge parking systems can bring an end t
g61 and 2015 klaus stack parkers
Information on Car Parking Solutions. Stack Parkers, Parking Automats, Automatic Parkers, Turntables and more
159 frederick street, toronto ontario with klaus parking
Multi Car Parking system provided by Klaus Car Parking Systems Inc.
stack parker
This website contains information about stack parking system that literally stacks cars on platforms to save space in parking lots, especially in city areas where land is especially limited.
toronto parking can be revolutionized with car parking systems
As the attractions of Toronto cause the city to grow and prosper, the problems with lack of available parking become more and more evident. Contact Klaus Multiparking at 416-925-2614 and find out how a car parking system can solve problems and bring the joy back to parking.
hydraulic lift parking
This website contains information regarding hydraulic lift parking systems that raises a car on a platform to make room for additional cars to be parked in the vertical space.
KLAUS multiparking Inc.
3403 - 500 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, Ontario
M4X 1L1 Canada
Phone: 416-925-2614
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Klaus Parking Systems Atlantic Inc.
655 NW 128th Street
Miami, FL 33168
Bruce Roden
Mechanical Engineer, PM
Phone: 305-807-9187
Cell: 305-807-0064
Fax: 305-418-8291
Multiparc Trria
Klaus Systemes Multi-Parc – Québec

Klaus MultiParking Systems – Québec

Thomas Robert Reiner
Urbaniste, Consultant en Solutions/Systemes de Stationnement


Urban Planner, Parking Solutions/Systems


Consultant Website / site web:


Email / courriel:
Phone / telephone: (514) 515- 4706

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